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Today, tomorrow and the day after.

As long as 2000 years ago, the Chinese were using natural gas in the production of salt and today, a life without gas today is almost unthinktable.


At SCHARR TEC there is hardly any gas medium which we have not included in our rich experience of plant construction. With so many different plants and their specific requirements, our engineers` know-how has often given us the leading edge over our competitors.

Liquid Gas Plants

From approval up to certification ? all from the same hand.


From small tanks to large plants - always individually planned for your requirements. Whether for basic supply, high-load plants, or for auto-gas stations ? we can provide tank sizes of 10m³ up to 450m³, vapourising performances of 100kg/h to 10 t/h as well as gas pressure regulating stations with a nominal nominal pressure of 40 to 50 mbar.


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Gas mixing plants

Don`t immediately go up in the air.


Whether you need a gas- air mixing plant or a plant to mix different combustible gases, SCHARR TEC provides you with a tailor-made system; to fulfill peak loads or as a replacement for natural gas, but also as natural gas and air mixing plants for the conditioning of natural gas to city gas or coke-oven, gas  quality.


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Conditioning plants for biogas - biomethane - bio- naturalgas

Ecologically logical


Building on the experiences in the area of gas-mixing plants, SCHARR TEC also supplies for the renewable energy sector, conditioning plants for bio-methane. Whether the burning value has to be increased or lowered, a conditioning plant built by SCHARR TEC guarantees a constant burning value at the network input point. And complex regulation of burning values and Wobbe index through mixing liquid gas and air or inert gas can also be achieved. 


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Filling stations for Autogas / Fuel gas

Foresight is not a question of location.

We place special importance on an integrated planning performance.
From the pre-planning phase through to startup until integration and on to the existing point of sale system. When you wish, we shall act ? at your request, SCHARR TEC can take on the scheduling and arrangement of the recurring maintenance and servicing performances, and that`s not all that we can do for you.


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Technical gases

All from the same hand


We supply complete plant technology for all users of technical gases. Supply through bottles, bundled and tanked with pre-assembled regulators and full piping right up to the user


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