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Liquid gas tank with 100,000 l nominal contents, covered by earth. All armatures assembled in manhole pit.


Basic supply for an industrial operation with a performance of 10 MW.

A liquid gas storage tank with 200.000 l nominal contents is lowered into the prepared earth trench.

Weather protection over the manhole, parking area for the tank delivery vehicle - this is what it looks like a few weeks later.

Gas pressure regulator for liquid gas assembled in a pre-constructed garage. Redundant version of the regulators for highest supply safety. Performance each 1000 kg/h.

Double-rail vapourising system for liquid gas. Performance; 1000 kg/h each, heated with warm water.

Liquid gas storage and distribution facility with loading arm to hitch up to the tank delivery vehicle.

Some storage locations are a little unusual. Even when you think it'll never get through, a few hours later it's positioned on the intended spot.

Manhole of a liquid gas tank with suction and booster pumps for fire training facilities. Pump performance; 30 m³/h at 10 bar pressure increase.