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Ice cream wafers or aluminium?

Do you bake ice cream wafers, melt aluminium or produce glass articles?


Wherever gas burners are used, we can provide the complete burning system with regulators and integration to the central system. Together with our sister company, THERMOTEC Engineering GmbH, we are also able to supply burning systems for direct heating and for special uses in processing technology, e.g. with counter-pressure, low pressure and fluctuating pressure conditions. 


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Gas flat burner ARGOS


This burner has been developed especially for direct fresh-air heating. Its special construction allows operation without an air ventilator. The building-block, design concept allows for a variety of possible uses.

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Gas flat burners PHÖNIX

are air-heating burners and work according to the nozzle-mix principle. The burners can be operated with all usual combustible gases as well as with most combustible special gases. Through the large and infinitely variable performance regulating scale of up to 60:1, as well as through the short and continuous flame, the burner is suitable for all tasks in the area of direct heating of industrial processed air.

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Surface burner with ceramic elements for heating a thermal, afterburn plant.

Natural gas burner with 2000 kW performance for heating a swivel furnace. Complete with burning air ventilator, safety facility and regulators.

Furnace for pig iron parts with multiple industrial burners, complete piping and electric wiring.

Heating of two rotating, calibrated grooved rolls in a conveyor line. The complete unit is mobile and can be moved into the conveyor line according to product. Connectivity is made through couplings.