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Extension of the PROLIMIX concept

After the successful market launch of our PROLIMIX system, we have developed the system even further and can now supply the PROLIMIX together with a membrane-dosage pump, in the delivered version as a submerged pump. With this, an absolutely new concept for conditioning is available that is perfectly balanced, thus leaving behind considerable disadvantages of conventional solutions.


With the application of the diaphragm metering pump, mounted directly in a container sluice, the required propane amount can be regulated exactly. In the conditioning process, a mass flow measurement device and the regulating valve are no longer necessary, as well as the pressure bypass valve and the return (overflow) pipe in the manhole pit. The system`s technology is reduced to the vital bare essentials.


In the already proven construction of the pump sluice, the pump head of the diaphragm metering pump is mounted to be pulled-out. In this way, access to the pump head is ensured and without having to empty the tank. The hydraulic system including regulators is mounted in the manhole pit. The connecting of hydraulics is done over a detachable tube connection with a quick coupling.


With above-ground standing tanks, the pump system can, of course, be installed also prior to the tank as a compact component.


The essential features of the applied membrane dosage pump are:

  • hermetically sealed pump
  • compliance with national and international standards such as
    VDMA 24284, 24286-10, API 675, FDA guidelines
  • lowest life-cycle costs
  • lowest costs for maintenance
  • extremely long life span of the sandwich membrane
    (18-month warranty)
  • easiest membrane changing
  • minimum number of dynamic seals
  • foolproof starting of the pump
  • membrane-supervision system + safe controlling
    of membrane movement
  • electric or pneumatic stroke adjustment


The added mixture of liquid gas to the bio-methane is done through the PROLIMIX conditioning system. As the throughput amount can be regulated exactly by the diaphragm metering pump, neither a flow measurement nor a regulating valve are required. The regulating of the propane amount occurs over a proportional regulating in accordance with the throughput bio-methane. Using a quick heat value measurement (on the constructional side) any necessary corrections in the case of varying bio-methane qualities, can be carried out in the propane added mixture.


Through the easy and approved membrane pump technology, a back-up system is not necessary. The components of the PROLIMIX conditioning system are limited to solenoid valves, ball valves with pneumatic swivel actuators which guarantee a high and efficient rate of operation.


With this total concept, the components of the liquid gas system have been reduced to a minimum and thus provide the following advantages:


  • completely integrated system concept with a high rate of operation;
  • no warming of the tank through unnecessarily required liquid gas (at present more than 95% of the pump energy is pointlessly converted into heat), and thus there is no increase of pressure in the tank;
  • proven membrane dosage pumps for pressure increase, no damages possible in the pump through cavitation;
  • no energy application required for vaporization;
  • no interferences caused by condensation return, no additional heating required, no insulation required;
  • pressure control valves are no longer required in the area of the propane rail;
  • conditioning system can be integrated directly in the bio-methane measurement and regulating rail, no evaporator space required;
  • conditioning system can be used for cost-free cooling of the biogas, e.g., when applied behind compressor systems.


Finally, with the system concept presented above, you have the combination of low investment costs, low running costs and a high and efficient rate of operation.


*Picture credits: with kind permission by LEWA pumps and systems.