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When designing the system, the utmost importance is given to the construction and diversity of the safety fittings.


To guarantee a safe vaporization process, the input temperature of the bio-methane is monitored via a minimum temperature limiter. It is made safe at the mixer output by a condensation separator with liquid detector so that in the case of an overdose, (e.g. with dropout in the measuring system), no liquid propane can enter into the connected piping system.

The minimum pressure of the propane is also monitored at the mixer input. Since the injection pressure is an essential criterion for the spraying characteristics of the nozzles, the conditioning process is interrupted when falling short of minimum pressure.
A magnet valve in the main inlet of the propane rail and each of the nozzles of the pre-switched magnet valve ensure a back-up safety mechanism in the event of necessary interruption of the propane flow.


A safety shut off function can also be integrated through an optional pressure limiter at the output of the mixer.